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Updating Drupal

Keeping Drupal up to date is important for functionality, but even more important for security. Updating your Drupal installation will ensure(amongst other things) that you have the 'Drupal core contributors' latest security measures installed.

Note: You'll need to have an 'FTP client' like Filezilla to continue from here on out. Don't be scared, they're really easy to use!

  1. First, click the following link to get the latest version of Drupal: Double-click the file, and drag the uncompressed version of the drupal folder to your desktop.
  2. Second, you'll need to turn off your site temporarily; this is easy with drupal! Head to your site and log in with the username and password you created. Click 'Administer' in the menu on the left. Then on the right, click 'Site maintenance'. Change the site status to 'Offline' and click 'Save configuration'.
  3. IMPORTANT STEP OF UPDATING DRUPAL: Open that drupal folder you downloaded and decompressed, and delete the 'Sites' folder. In the future, this step will make sure you keep all your sites files!
  4. Open up your FTP client, and on the server side, go to '/public_html'. The contents of this directory will look roughly like what comes in the Drupal folder you downloaded. In /public_html, delete everything except for the 'sites' folder and any non-Drupal files/folders you added to this directory(such as Google verification files).
  5. Drag the contents of the drupal folder on your desktop(which is missing the sites folder) into /public_html (which ONLY has the sites folder).
  6. Go to your sites domain, and add /update.php. Example: for the address, you would go to
  7. Once you're at this page, click 'Continue'
  8. Next, click 'update'
  9. The update process will run. In the future, you may have to click an additional button on the 'Run Updates' section, but for now it should skip to 'Review log'. Once you see this page, you're done!

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