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How to Restore Your Drupal Website from a Backup

Being able to restore your Drupal website from a backup is just as important as backing it up. If you aren’t able to restore your site, backing it up is essentially useless. Hostgator offers a free backup/restore tool, but I prefer the old fashioned way(it's easy!). Here’s how you can get an archived version of your website up in just a few minutes. Like backing up, restoring is comprised of two parts: your Drupal website database, and your Drupal website files. This tutorial assumes you already have a database to be replaced. Learn how to backup your Drupal website by reading our Drupal Back-Up tutorial.

Restoring your Drupal website files

  1. Open your FTP client and log in
  2. Navigate to /public_html/sites/
  3. Drag your website file folder(Ex: ‘default’) into /public_html/sites after making sure the 'sites' folder doesn’t already exist there. If it does, delete the folder on the server first, then drag your backup copy to the server.

Restoring your Drupal website database

  1. Log  into your hostgator account
  2. Scroll down and click on the link for ‘phpMyAdmin’
  3. Click on your databases name over in the left hand column
  4. Click on the ‘Structure’ tab
    Note: If the database you’re restoring is already empty, skip to step 7
  5. Scroll down and click ‘check all’. Then select ‘drop’ from the select option to the right.(See Picture)
  6. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm
  7. Click the ‘Import’ tab
  8. Click the ‘Browse’ button and find your database file (.gzip). Click ‘Open’
  9. Click ‘Go’
  10. Now you’ll need to run update.php. All you have to do is make sure you’re logged in as the administrator. Next, navigate to your website address with a /update.php on the end. For example: would use
  11. Done!

Now that you've learned how to restore a Drupal from a backup, you may be interesting in reading about some useful Drupal modules or how to make editing your Drupal website easy with a WYSIWIG editor.

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