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Installing Drupal Themes

As I write this, there are 800+ free drupal themes available for download at This site is built on a popular theme known as Marinelli, which you can also get free at that same link.

Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has a new and very easy-to-use system for changing the look of the site. With these steps, the hardest part of changing your Drupal theme is picking which one you want to use!

  1. Head over to and find a theme you want to use
  2. Right click on the .zip file for the theme you want to use and click “Copy Link Location”(“Copy Shortcut” in Internet Explorer)
  3. Go to your drupal site and log in
  4. Click ‘Appearance’(top of the page)
  5. Click the “Install new theme” link(See Picture)
  6. In the section for “Install from a URL”, paste the link you copied in step 2(See Picture)
  7. Click ‘Install’
  8. Click ‘Enable newly added themes’
  9. Scroll down to the theme you just installed and click the ‘Enable a set default’ link beneath it(See Picture)


Drupal 6

Changing the theme - some call it the ‘skin’ or the ‘look’ of the site - is quick and simple with Drupal! These steps will show you how to switch to any Drupal theme in minutes!

Find your theme

  1. Find one you like, and download the .zip file.
  2. Next, extract the folder onto your desktop

Upload to your server

  1. Open up your FTP client(What’s an FTP client?!) and login
  2. On the server side of your FTP window, navigate to: /public_html/sites/default
  3. Right click on the ‘default’ folder and click ‘File permissions’
  4. In the window that pops up, make sure ‘Read’, ‘Write’, and ‘Execute’ are checked under ‘Owner Permissions’(you can leave everything else as is). Click OK.(See Picture)
  5. Navigate to: /public_html/sites/default/themes

NOTE: You may open your ‘default’ folder to find there’s no ‘themes’ folder. If so, just right click in an empty area in your default folder and choose ‘Create Directory’. Then change the name from ‘New Directory’, to ‘Themes’(This is why you did that permissions thing in the earlier steps). (See Picture)
6. Drag the unzipped folder into the ‘themes’ folder

Switch your theme

  1. Go to your Drupal site and log in
  2. Click Administer
  3. Under ‘Site Building’, click ‘Themes’
  4. Find the theme you wish to enable. Check ‘Enable’, and press the button for ‘Default’ next to it.
  5. Click the ‘Save Configuration’ button at the bottom of the page


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