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How to use FTP

FTP - or File Transfer Protocol - is a way for a person to move files over to their website in a quick and efficient manner. Unlike the methods of uploading and downloading that come by default with most hosting sites, FTP will let you upload/download multiple files at a time. This makes normal tasks WAY easier and quicker to complete.

There are many different programs available to use for FTP'ing. One of the most popular ones - that also happens to be free - is an open source program called 'Filezilla'(get the 'client' version). It's easy to use, popular, free, and updated on a fairly regular basis. If you don't know which FTP program to go with, I'd definitely give Filezilla a try!

Please note that some of the information you'll need to log in won't be available until you have a hosting account set up.

Here's how you set it up:

  1. First, download and install Filezilla. Get the client version here:
  2. Open up Filezilla. You should see something similar to this picture.
  3. In the places marked on the picture, you'll want to enter:
    ·your website address
    ·your hosting account username
    ·your hosting account password
  4. Click 'Quickconnect'
  5. That's it! You're connected to your server and you now have the ability to move files between your computer and your server.

How it works:

Basically, you have two main windows below where you put in your login information. The window on the left half shows the files on your personal computer. The window on the right half shows the files and folders on your server. To move files from your personal computer to your server, simply drag them from the left pane to the appropriate folder in the window on the right. Once you've started moving files, the "queue" below will show how many files are left and which ones are currently being transferred.

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