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Helpful Drupal Modules

One of the biggest advantages of using Drupal is that there are TONS of modules available to enhance the functionality. Some are more specialized modules and have functions that would be meant for sites with specific purposes(like social networking, galleries, etc.). However, some modules have functionality that makes it so that a majority of people making Drupal websites would be able to benefit from them. This is a small fraction of what's available, but it also will help you delve into using Drupal modules.

  • Administration Menu - This module is mostly for Drupal 6. It makes a nice menu at the top of your pages(only you can see it) to make navigating Drupal easier. If you're using Drupal 6, this is a must have!
  • CCK(Drupal 6) - Add new input types to content! For example, when you add content, you'll notice you have a 'Title' field(name of the page) and a 'Body' field(content of the page). CCK will allow you to add custom fields of your choice. You could add: age, weight, hobby, status, specialty, etc...
  • CKEditor - This is a WYSIWYG module for Drupal. Basically, that means that once it's installed, it make it so that you can edit pages without having to write HTML or other code. This works great with IMCE!
  • IMCE - Works great with CKEditor. This makes it so you can use a WYSIWYG editor(like CKEditor) to upload pictures rather than doing it manually.
  • Mollom - Mollom is a module used to fight spam on your website(from forms, comments and such). This module was actually made by the person who created Drupal! If you're going to have a site where people are the ones making your content, you'll want this module.
  • Nice Menus - An easy way to add dropdown links to your website. You can see an example of what it does on the module page.
  • Nodewords - If you want your site to show up on Google, you'll need to add meta-tags(like keywords, description, etc.). This module adds the ability to add your usual meta-tags, plus a whole bunch you probably didn't even know existed! Need help with optimizing your site? See our section on it!
  • Page Title - Every page has a title(the name on the page), but every page also has something called a 'page title'. Every page on every website has a site titlt which helps contribute to where it shows up on Google. This module will give you control of that title. NOTE: The 'Title' on a content page you make, and the 'Page Title' are two very different things!
  • Pathauto - Enables your site to have pages with urls like '' as opposed to ''. This makes a pages address much easier to remember if needed, not to mention it looks WAY more legitimate and professional. The best part: you can set it to automatically name new pages!
  • Ubercart - Have a product you want to sell? Ubercart takes away all the hard work you'd normally put into making a store. There's a TON of functionality to go through, but just believe that if you're looking into starting a store, this module is a must!
  • Views - Views will make it so you can access content in your database by certain rules. For example, you could have Views make a page that shows all your content made in a certain timeframe, or by a certain person, etc.
  • Webform - Pretty much every site ends up with this one. It allows you to make your own custom forms for users to fill out. The results can be emailed to you, and they also are available in the administrator section of the site itself.

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