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Search Engine Optimization Modules

One of the first steps of marketing your website is to optimize it for search engines. Drupal makes this much easier as you can install a few modules which can greatly benefit your showing. Simply installign the SEO Checklist and SEO friend will get you well into getting your site optimized.

  • SEO Checklist - This may be a little dated, but it still provides plenty of good ideas to get your site more visibility. Basically, you install the module and it provides a checklist of SEO(search engine optimization) related tasks to perform. Definitely worth the time!
  • SEO Friend - Gives you reports on the status of various meta tags(keywords, title, description, etc.). This module lets you set the limits for your tags, so you can change them as Google changes what it's looking for. You probably won't do that often, but it's nice to have!
  • Nodewords - If you want your site to show up on Google, you'll need to add meta-tags(like keywords, description, etc.). This module adds the ability to add your usual meta-tags, plus a whole bunch you probably didn't even know existed!
  • Page Title - Every page has a title(the name on the page), but every page also has something called a 'page title'. Every page on every website has a site titlt which helps contribute to where it shows up on Google. This module will give you control of that title. NOTE: The 'Title' on a content page you make, and the 'Page Title' are two very different things!

The module nodewords will allow you to add meta-tags, which works well with 'Page Title's ability to make titles for your pages. If you don't anything about these terms, don't worry, I'll explain a few guidelines for each so you won't be left in the dark. View the complete tutorial of SEO terms.

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