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Admin Module (Drupal 6 Only)

The 'Aministration Menu' module for Drupal 6 is a must have! It makes it so that you can navigate, administer, and make changes to your site MUCH more efficiently. In fact, the Administration Menu module was so effective and helpful for Drupal 6 that Drupal 7 came out with its own verion of the administration menu module already installed, so if your website is on Drupal 7, you already have the functionality from the Administration Menu module and you can skip this tutorial!

  1. The first step is to download the actual module from here:
  2. Open your FTP Client and login to your server
  3. On your server, navigate to /public_html/sites/default/modules
    NOTE: If the 'Modules folder isn't there, right click on an empty area and click "Create New Directory" to make the folder. Make sure it's named 'modules'
  4. Go to your website and login with your admin information
  5. Once logged in, click 'Administration'
  6. Under 'Site building', click 'Modules'
  7. Look for 'Administration menu'(it will probably be the first one) and check the 'ENABLED' box in front of it(See Picture)
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Configuration'

The admin module will now be enabled. It basically takes a great deal of the links one would normally use to administer drupal, and puts them neatly at the top of each page(for the admin only). This makes it easier to manage the site, navigate through the admin menus, and find what you're looking for when you are logged in as your Drupal website administrator.

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