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Why is Drupal the Best CMS to Build your Website With?

What is Drupal?
Drupal is a free, constantly updated, open source Content Management System. A Content Management System, or CMS, is a system that will allow you to manage your website via a user interface rather than by coding pages by hand. Some common CMS's besides Drupal are Joomla and Wordpress. The Drupal CMS is very easy to use, but unlike most other CMS systems, Drupal also has the ability to be easily customized to meet the demands of pretty much any website you have in mind. Drupal's structure has been uniquely built to be extremely adaptable. New modules come out every day which extend the core Drupal functionality even further. There is also already a large, tightly-knit community of Drupal users, and it’s growing quickly!

Why use Drupal?
Drupal is the best solution for many people when creating a website because it’s free, open-source, easy to learn, expandable, and popular! Because you can host multiple Drupal sites from just one Drupal installation, you also have the ability to setup multiple websites on a single hosting account which can be a big money saver if you have multiple sites. Check out the list below to see just a few of the many high-traffic websites that now use Drupal. If you are trying to decide what CMS to learn and you are thinking of eventually using your CMS skills to get a job, then you should know that Drupal outperforms other CMS’ in the employment market and there are many more companies hiring for people who know Drupal as opposed to other CMS’ like Joomla. Trust me, once you have established your site on Drupal, and you see how easy it is to manage and make changes to your site, you will understand why Drupal is so widely used!


---Here is a list of a few popular sites that use Drupal

Hostgator and Drupal
As you can see, we have Hostgator planted all over the site…and with good reason! is hosted on Hostgator, and all sites that I have made for clients are also on Hostgator. We don't need to write a hostgator review as we actively use ONLY hostgator for hosting services. What better testimonial can you give a company than the fact that you use them exclusively? If you’d like to check, you can always check the nameservers for this address using the WHOIS!

I am convinced that anyone who uses Drupal will realize that it is easy to use, powerful, and easily optimized for the search engines. Since Drupal is free, there is no reason to wait! Setting up your new Drupal website and getting it up on the internet usually takes less than an hour of your time, and if you follow our step-by-step Drupal tutorials, you won't run into any snags. We built this site so that you can get started right away and skip having to research everything before you even get your hands dirty. We love Drupal so much that we want to share our passion with others! This site is our attempt to boil down the basic Drupal concepts and make it easier for more people to get started with Drupal!

About The Authors
We’re a couple of computer nerds who got started by attending a few Drupal camps and meeting up with Drupal users. After seeing what Drupal had to offer, we decided that this CMS is the way to go! Once we started using these services to do websites, we realized that others would benefit from using our lazy-but-efficient techniques for website management. Basically, we’re lazy people who love the internet and making websites.

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